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3-star Hotel Le Monestié

An ideal location on the edge of Béziers

Do you spend your days roaming the roads and your evenings subscribe to the monotony of a soulless hotel room? You are at home as at home! The door is crossed, it is the heat of a smile to the entrance, the discretion of a personalized service, a tasty cuisine at our partner restaurant, room service, quality bedding, a desk in your room and free Wifi. Your evening Step includes: a room, the small -Breakfast, dinner.
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Stopover near Béziers

Facilities at Hotel Le Monestié

Easy to access and a short distance from the Béziers bypass, as well as 1 km from the Saint Privat Polyclinic, our hotel provides the ideal facilities and services for a one-night stopover. Located in Boujan-sur-Libron and close to the motorway exit, Le Monestié provides the calm and comfort for a well-earned moment of relaxation in a pleasant environment.